Thursday, January 5, 2017

2016 Wrap Up

Well it's a new year, as 2016 has closed it's doors.  God continued His provision and care for our family as we pressed forward with our call to serve in Haiti.  We are thankful for the many things we have been able to do and be apart of over the past year because of His grace and guidance and from the generous support of you, our valued partners.  As we wrapped up 2016 we began to think of some of the highlights that we could share with you.  This is obviously a small snap shot of our time, but we pray it offers you a glimpse into your participation in our lives.  

Above all we want to say thank you and offer our gratitude for all the continued prayers and support for our journey while serving here in Haiti with Hands and Feet Project.

·      Hosted and facilitated over 25 groups coming to visit and serve in Haiti, at the growing Ikondo Mission Guest Village. 

An amazing week with our friends from Ride Nature!

Team Host - Joel & Fan Fan with Sheeven & Sean at Devil's Teeth overlook in Jacmel. 
Hope City group excursion to Kokoye Beach.

·      Loved and encouraged our very energetic interns over the year that came to serve along side us for 2-3 month increments.  We hosted eight interns over the course of 2016.

Cloie & Lyvie.
Jasmine loving on our Addyx.

Interns Kyle, Caleb & Parker with Chadieu, Louines, Odlin & Canes on a Ikondo mountain trail. 
Lindsey the Intern with the GG crew.

·      Welcomed Jessica, our newest staff member to the Ikondo HAFP team. 

·      Hosted specialty trips, that included two all-inclusive Audio Adrenaline led trips, while the group explored and served Haiti along side the band.  

·      Held the annual Village Values event at Ikondo with Derek Minor closing out the evening in style with an amazing concert. 

Jean Baptiste and Derek Minor headed out to check out Gran Gwav.

·      The challenging, but restorative process of our oldest HAFP young adult transitioning to life outside HAFP.  

Will McGinniss, HAFP Board President, Jean Baptiste & Sean at our time of prayer for JB.

·      Walking with our dear friends, Ti Papa and Manouchka, as they welcomed another baby into this world with fear and anxiety, but rejoiced as our God moved on their behalf.  This sweet baby girl is a true picture of redemption for this couple that lost their first child.  Dyeni is happy, healthy and cute as can be!

Dyeni - December 25

·      Continuing to work side by side with the Sutton’s to build and grow our Children’s Village, through training our local employees to rise up and take the lead.  Walking with the staff and children throughout the year as they continue to grow into their God given potential.  

Pastor Manyol, Madam Marie, Tony & Immacula participating in some games at our annual Christmas party. 

Madam Pelio, LaPaix, Samuel & Nerlande performing at the Christmas party. 

·      Haiti Made’s continued success and steady work flow.  The staff's continued pursuits of learning new tools and techniques to improve and grow Haiti Made is truly amazing and inspiring.

Sova showing off the crew's backpack experiment project.  

Milla, Madam Edon, Immacula, Mireille, Sova, Fira, Michel, Luc Sony & Jhonny at our annual staff appreciation lunch.  

·      The construction crews and their endless work to complete the ongoing construction of the future Mission Guest Village and finishing up the construction projects at our Children’s Village, under the leadership of Andrew and Stephen.

Ikondo fly over 

·      Jen and the kids are struggling well as they continue to press forward with home school. 


·       One of our focuses this past year, and will continue to be as we move forward, is to build up and entrust our local leadership team.  To name a few… our beloved mother hen, Madam Renord; the always smiling and deeply passionate, LaPaix; the diligent, quiet and oh so kind, Merlande; everyone’s friend, Samuel; and the newest to the group, our joyful and faithful driver, Pelio.  Prayers for this group over the coming year as they continue to grow in responsibility and in stature! 

Samuel and some of the GG boys getting ready for a dance performance.  


Merlande, Madam Pelio, Samuel & LaPaix

·      Survived Hurricane Matthew as a “City on a Hill” as we opened up our Ikondo campus as a space of safety and refuge.

Medjine(Samuel's little girl), Audelin, Major, Kettia & Benel cleaning up debris in Thozin. 

Another Ikondo neighbor left with very little.  

·      Enjoyed another Christmas in Grand Goave with our HAF family and neighbors.  Because of your continued support we were able to bless 3 families with a few weeks worth of food and provisions as well as some gifts for our beloved neighbors.    

Michlen, Sean & Farah with their Christmas gifts. 

Maj and some of the GG boys showing off some Christmas prizes.  

Here is to a New Year, a new journey and many more memories to come! 

As I write this I ask for extra prayers for Major, Beckett and myself as it appears we are starting 2017 off with the Zika virus or some other junk.  Zika was so Haiti 2016, but I guess it wanted to make another run.  

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