Moore of Us

 We are just a regular American family with a not so American dream.  

In May 2010 Sean traveled to Haiti for a post earthquake mission trip; like so many have done. At the time Major was 5, we had just brought home Addyx, our new born adopted daughter, and I, Jennifer, was 5 months pregnant with Beckett, our third. Looking back on the craziness of life at that time, it's amazing to recognize the overwhelming peace offered by the Lord as Sean prepared to leave for his 8 day trip. As he would call and check in with home you could sense God working in his heart. Then there was the call that turned his 8 day trip into 18. As Sean called and questioned the possibilities of this, the sense of peace and conviction was more apparent than ever. So even with the hustle and bustle of life with little ones, I felt God leading me to say; "If the Lord wants you in Haiti, I'm not going to bring you home." Sean said the comfort in my voice was startling yet profoundly confident. It was during this extended stay that the Lord began to speak to and radically change Sean. This was the beginning, the epicenter of our call. When he returned home from Haiti he was on fire; passionate about what he saw, heard and felt while he was there. He couldn't shake this drive and couldn't return soon enough. Unfortunately, it was a whole year later that we both were able to travel and serve together in Haiti.  My first trip there the Lord gave me peace about following God's calling for Sean.  By the end of summer conversations had begun about us moving as missionaries to Haiti. Thankfully, the Lord, because of His love and grace, He saved us from ourselves and "our plan." The answer "No" was becoming quite familiar, and however frustrating it was, God was still working and moving. Sean was offered a new job at our church and we found out we were pregnant with our fourth kid! We were bummed about Haiti, but blessed at the same time and got the hint that we were rushing things. Our hearts never fizzled and this vision wasn't going anywhere. Sean's job was going great and the more times I visited Haiti, it wasn't just God leading Sean's heart, but mine too.  That fall we sadly we lost our baby, Gideon, at eighteen weeks. So things were moving on, but definitely not how we had planned. When pain and disruptions like this happen, too often the easiest thing to do would have been to give up or flee, but that is not where God was calling us. We wholeheartedly believe that the NO's and struggles were God preparing our hearts, minds, marriage and family for the road ahead. 

Over the past few years God has redefined and redirected us to be exactly where He wants us. We are scheduling out all the details, and raising the needed support to keep us on the ground in Haiti and working along side The Hands and Feet Project.  And this time, with God blessing every step, though not all easy, but blessed, it couldn't move any more smoothly.  

We desire for our lives to be a witness of Jesus Christ and pray that our actions may draw others to Him.  By His saving grace and amazing plan He has taken our seemingly normal lives and is shaping us into more than we could of ever "asked or imagine."

Sean, Jen, Major, Addyx & Beckett

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  1. Grateful God connected us, serving with your family was a huge blessing to me andour whole team. Excited to come back in October!